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Posted by Payman Shilian on October 21, 2022

West LA & Westwood Real Estate Market


When buying a home, it is crucial to understand the house’s current condition. To protect such a significant investment, you will need to order a home inspection from a qualified inspector to take a closer, more detailed look at the property than you did before submitting an offer. Here are four benefits of a good home inspection;

1. Home Inspection Pays for Itself

A good property inspector will check the overall safety and functionality of the home, as well as help the buyers make an informed purchase decision. In addition, an inspection can pay for itself if it uncovers some costly issues that the sellers can repair. For example, if the inspector reports that the HVAC system is nonfunctional, the buyers can save thousands by requesting the sellers replace the system.

2. Identify Safety Issues

A home should be safe for a family, and a good inspection will help bring those safety issues to light. Issues like water damage, mold, radon, and asbestos can cause long-term health problems. Other safety issues like exposed nails, uneven flooring, or a sagging ceiling can lead to injury. A home inspector will notice those issues and include them in the inspection report so you can address them adequately.

3. Room to Negotiate

After the inspection, the buyer and seller can begin negotiating repairs and credit. If the seller does not want to take the time to make repairs, they may be willing to negotiate the purchase price and grant some credit to the buyers. For example, if the windows are cracked and need to be replaced, the sellers may be willing to lower the purchase price to cover the cost of replacing those faulty windows.

4. Peace of Mind

Purchasing a home can be stressful. It’s a substantial and essential investment. Whether or not you intend to negotiate repairs, knowing the property’s current condition can bring a certain level of peace of mind. The buyer will not have to worry about any surprises because they will have a report of all issues with the house and can then plan what takes priority in getting fixed first.

Home Inspections are a crucial part of the home-buying experience and should be taken advantage of by all home buyers. It provides insight into the property you are purchasing, is used as a negotiating tool, and ultimately provides comfort to the buyer in knowing the property’s current condition.

Home Inspection Help

Contact us today for more information on home inspections or how they work! The Shilian Group will be happy to help you through your home-buying experience.

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