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Posted by Payman Shilian on August 10, 2022

West LA & Westwood Real Estate Market


The purple line metro in Westwood will be a new addition to the Los Angeles County Metro system, and it’s been welcomed with open arms by the community. The line will run from downtown Los Angeles to the campus of UCLA, making stops at popular tourist destinations like Hollywood and Beverly Hills. The work has already begun, and progress is visible on the tunneling of the sections between Century City and what will be the Wilshire/Rodeo Station under Downtown Beverly Hills.

The purple line metro is good for Westwood because it will provide an easy way for people to get around. The line will make stops at all of the major attractions in the area, so people can easily traverse as needed. Additionally, having a metro stop in Westwood will help to promote tourism in the area, which will benefit local businesses. Officials are confident that once the Purple Line Metro is up and running, everyone will see how beneficial this new addition truly is.

Proposed Stops on the Purple Line Metro

Some entrances and exits to the purple line are as follows:

The Metro Construction Phases

The Metro Purple Line’s current construction is in three sections:


Unfortunately, to date, no connections at any Purple Line Metro stop in Westwood will take you to Santa Monica. However, plenty of buses will be passing the Wilshire/VA Hospital stop of the Purple Line Metro that goes all the way down Wilshire Blouelvard into the Santa Monica area.

Real Estate Potential in Westwood

The Purple Line will be a tremendous economic boost for Westwood. In addition, many local real estate experts predict that property values along the route will rise once construction is complete. So contact Shilian Group if you have questions about buying and selling opportunities in Westwood.

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